Workforce Management

We conduct regular performance evaluations to determine to what degree the employee is fulfilling the requirements of the assignment.

Time is then spent in each department of the plant to communicate with the Supervisors and Team Leaders to identify manpower needs or shortages. The On-Site Supervisor then makes workforce moves and adjustments to accommodate each department. Performance topics, praise and challenges, are discussed and notes are made to take corrective action during non-production times.

Reports are pulled from the time clock system and compared to department sheets. The branch office is contacted with names of absent employees and then the client is contacted with the confirmed knowledge of inaccuracies on the employee tracking sheets. All relevant information and reports are made available to Human Resources in traditional or graphical form. Together the Branch Manager and On-Site Supervisor work to identify trends in departments and/or on specific shifts to increase performance and employee retention.

Workforce Management Reports

  • Daily Attendance
  • Employee Satisfaction Level
  • Employee Tenure
  • Onsite Manager
  • Employee Hours -Regular/Overtime
  • Workforce Performance
  • Corrective Action Comparison
  • Demographic/Geographic
  • Termination Comparison
  • Special Project Usage
  • Absenteeism Rates
  • Work Related Accidents
  • Attrition Rates
  • Equipment Usage/Safety PPE/Uniforms